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We can't even hear the sound of the pouring rain

We walk with our backs turned against each other

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HAI, MAI NAME IZ KAZUYA  oh he's too cute.

Anyway, Nounou です。I'm British, old (20+), extremely anxious, self-conscious, sarcastic, and cry quite a lot.

Eternal Akame fan and believer, uke!Jin campaigner, Kuroshitsuji obsessive, guro lover, sheep lover, love lover, dollfie collector, suck job artist, lazy bento maker, ♥ abuser c:
young!Akame and their history is my (slightly creepy) obsession, and Akihiko♥Yuya is my non-AkameAkamerelated OTP. Nakame is my secret OTP, shh.

JE family ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ

sweetpaopuwind takes up all my time and is soul mate, fiance and eternally suffering Kame to my Jin ♥
cutelyhazardous is my pirate twin♥
amairo_parasol is my imouto♥
camui_eiri is my nee-chan♥
hyuuga_princess is my Jintwin♥
chained_akame is my Kametouto♥
phoenix_zeal is my Hayanii♥
elanielyn is my S-chama♥

I've been rather inactive recently due to some personal issues, but I love to make new friends/twins/randomJErelatedsiblings. I am however friends only for a reason, so adding me out of nowhere won't get you any further than weirding me out. Please please comment if you'd like to add me ( ´Д`)


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My babies ♥

*Kurai (Spiritdoll Dark) is also living here now, but no time to update..